Tuesday, November 17, 2009

December Activities

Dear Friends,

This is just to let you know the upcoming activities of MYCS from this week onward. Since Christmas is on the way, it's time for each of us to make this way ready and pleasant. Here with, I give you the general plan for what we are going to do in the coming days.
  • Singing Practice for Caroling: Every Thursday and Saturday (Beginning this week Nov 19)
7:00 _ 9:00 p.m at Nyan Tun's House
  • Caroling Dates (Tentative): December 16 (Wed), 19 (Sat) and 23 (Wed).
  • Christmas Celebration: December 27 (Sunday)
3:00 to 9:30 p.m (ABAC Huamak)
  • New Year Activity : Dec 31 (Thurs)
7:00 _ 9:30 p.m: Social and Team-building activities/games (at Stadium open field)
11:00 p.m : New Year's Eve Mass at Yangon Girls' House
(There will be exchange of gifts between MYCS members after the mass. So, please prepare reasonable but memorable gift for your friend beforehand)
  • Cultural Night at ABAC Bang Na: Jan 20, 2010 (Wed)
(This is only for ABAC students and will be working together with other Myanmar students. There will be one performance and stall.)
  • MYCS will be making one polo-shirt for this year. (Details will be given soon)
This is the general plan of our upcoming activities. I would appreciate very much for your suggestions, opinions and comments. Please feel free to do so! At the same time, I want to encourage everyone to come for the singing practice so as not to create any inconvenience later. Christmas comes only once a year, friends. You all know what it feels like to be in Christmas season.

Yours Truly,

Francis Htoi Shawng
President of MYCS

Thursday, October 29, 2009

List of Current MYCS-BKK Members By Diocese

Author Note:
Honestly, we post your nick names that we know and call you friendly. If something is wrong in spelling and you would like to correct your names in MYCS-BKK documentation, kindly help us by giving your Christian and NRC names to mycsbkk@gmail.com. Then please, let us know if anyone knows another Catholic students who are currently in Thailand and their names are not shown in the list.

I. Yangon Archdiocese

1) Gregory Thet Tun
2) Felix Kyi Chit Ko
3) Agnes Ei Ei Khine @ Smoe
4) Emily Aye Aye Khine @ Argu
5) Gladys Yin Moe Khine
6) Mary Aye Zar Chi Kyaw
7) Moreen Thin Mar Soe
8) Melina Hanni Htun
9) Kristine @ Ah Di
10) Theresa Khin Le' Le' Win @ Nge Lay
11) Grace Lin Lin Nyein

II. Pathein Diocese
1) Fr. Matthias Saw San Win
2) Catherine Myat Myat Soe
3) Pyae Phyoe
4) Patricia Thandar
5) Patrick Thet Swe
6) Grace Nwe Zar Lin
7) Hnin Thuzar
8) Julia Aye Aye Cho

III. Pyay Diocese
1) Mai Ei Mon
2) Mai Nway Nway

IV. Mandalay Archdiocese
1) Liza

V. Loikaw Diocese
1) Victor John
2) Romeo
3) Agnes Aye Aye Htun
4) Khin Mar Win @ Lily
5) Mary Jacquelin
6) Htar Htar

VI. Taunggu Diocese
1) Sandra Pwint Phyu Han @ Jue Jue

VII. Kyengtong Diocese
1) Suzanne Ei Ei Phyoe
2) Sandra Rose
3) Emma Aye Aye Myint
4) Elizabeth Myat Myat Aye
5) John Nay Aung

VIII. Taunggyi Archdiocese
1) Valentine Mu @ Ma Bote
2) Su Nandar Htun
3) Rosy
4) Mu Ban
5) Dennis
6) Kee Reh
7) Bosco Wai Lwin Oo
8) Moe Kyaw
9) Aye Aye Khine
10) Hnin Ei Ei Phyu
11) Noe Noe

IX. Pekhon Diocese
1) Richard Khan
2) Dominic Khan
3) John
4) Bahanhtan
5) Juvin
6) Valentine

X. Myitkyina Diocese
1) Theresa Jah Kaung (Nursing)
2) Theresa Jah Kaung (BBA)
3) Mary NuNi
4) Emma Jah Brim

XI. Banmaw Diocese
1) Francis Htoi Shawng
2) Joseph

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reflection for the International Youth and Environment Conference

November 14th to 19th Indonesia:

On the 13th November, the two representative persons from MYCS and KUSG Thailand went to Java Island which is situated in Indonesia. We stayed in Jakarta for one night and next day, we left to Palangka Raya (in Kalimantan Island). We arrived there round about 12:30 pm, and then took rest for a while and attended an opening ceremony in the conference room.

This Indonesia trip gave me a lot of experiences, and challenges. What I haven't seen in my life I have seen it and what I have never thought of it I have to think about it and challenge me to do in my day to day life and for my future.

It was really scaring for me to see the environmental situation of the Indonesia because of Deforestation. When I step on the land of Kalimantan the heat was so terrible. Suppose to be the surrounding of the rainforest place must be cool and wet the whole year. If we want to see big trees we have to go to the deep Jungle. It is not easy to have big forest again for the Kalimantan Island.

On the First day, they welcomed us and explained us why did they choose to invite us to Kalimantan Island. In the past decade, this island was called the world lungs because it was one of the richest island in its beauty and biological diversity in the world.

Later Kalimantan was facing an ecological threat because of logging and mining or many commercial agriculture enterprises activities were some of its worst cases. 75% of the Kalimantan area was forest in the year of 1980. From 1985 to 2000, the forest of Kalimantan has been gradually decreased about 850,000 hectares per year, and from the year of 2000 to 2500 it will decrease about 1,2 million hectares per year; 148 hectares per hour or 2,5 hectares per minute.

There is no virgin forest in Kalimantan today. In many places, the jungle expanse of Kalimantan has been turned into desert. This scene points out me to ask that Kalimantan is still a lung of the world?

Present scene points out that they are facing a very critical situation today. This bad result happens because of the human greedy, so they have to integrate rescuing movement must be done immediately. This movement must involve all people beyond the nation, religion, culture, profession and age boundaries. This intention will have to save the environment has been announced since a long time.

Now, Global warming threatening us and yet people are still making profit from the forest and also not concerning much for the next generation.

After attending and observing the situation of Kalimantan Island, I had learned that almost all the countries from South East Asia's forest were cut down and almost all the hard wood were gone. If we are neglecting and continuously cutting down of the trees without replanting them, one day it will be in danger for the future. All of us can think that, that is a work of the Government but it is the responsibility of all the people and especially for young people of today has to be aware and need to take care to our nature and environment.

God created human to take care to the nature only and not allow destroying it. But it doesn't mean that we can't use the trees for our needs and also take care for the next generation. We young people have responsibility to help and support the nature to maintain their beauties as much as we can.

Rev.Keloso S.Ugak mentions that "Creation is not only man but nature also."

Whenever we talk about creation we only focus on the human and not mentioning about nature. Through this theological understanding, human is placed as the dominion of others and nature is to be consumed for human satisfaction without balance preservation for nature itself. In this case, the injustice took place between human and nature indeed God created both of them.

Mostly, I didn't aware that nature and our human relationship, and also. After observing this reality in Kalimantan and through sharing from the different nations, I came to realize how important to take care to our environment and must treasure it for our living. Without forests and trees on earth we can't live and survive and also animals who are living in the forest can't survive to live also. So we are the main cause of this ruin because we destroy the nature which God created.

In this moment of my thinking, I have to try to reconcile with the nature and also have to be one with the Nature.
As a youth of today like what we have MYCS and IMCS, we need to do a lot of good deeds to the people than past time and concern for the people who are in difficult moment, I try to propose all my youth members to be aware of the environmental Issue and we have to look after and support the nature also.

If we don't take a step start from this moment it will be very much effected and will give troubles to our new generation. They will be suffering a lot of bad things. So we are working for people and also searching for human rights and at the same time we have to promote and talk about this issue to all people and how to take care and support our nature (environment).

Now, some organizations have started to help nature as part of the term creation. So our activities or any program whatever we make, we need to share this issue to the young of today. It is not only for anyone will be in danger but all mankind have to suffer by Global warming. So, this issue is really important and sufficient to discuss about it and make aware of it at this present moment.

One thing I admire also to the volunteers youth who are working for the street children, although they work the whole day, at the evening time they go to the center and teach to the poor children. Their smile and their selves giving can be seen from the faces of the children.

Parents were accepted and some parents offer the places for them to gather the children. It is great challenge for me and asking me a lot of questions that, am I ready to take a risk to give myself for others?

Above all I would like to thank the Lord for this great chance to attend this conference and thank to members of the CCI youth group and IMCS youth group that they have shared their life experiences, and share their joy that strengthen me to have courage to face challenges and to do something for my future program.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Self Developmental Youth Training

Brief Reflection of “Self-developmental Youth Training”

At Epiphany Church, Yangon Catholic Archdiocese, Myanmar

On October 18-19, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)

Organization Background

In the Glory of God, we would like to share you about some of our experience what we have done in these days. We, Myanmar Young Catholic Students - Bangkok (MYCS-BKK), are the organization which is working for Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual affairs of Myanmar Catholic Students. All the MYCS-BKK members are students who are studying in a variety of subjects in Thailand.

We are always considering and trying to help the people outside and inside Myanmar especially the students and the youngsters. We have many activities such as; Praise and Worship, Meetings and Discussions with others Students’ Organizations, Educational and Social Trainings, Volunteering and working with some NGOs and Institutes.

Training Report

Recently, we had a chance to organize the youth training in inside Myanmar. We had the contact with the youth leaders from Epiphany Church, Myanmar to organize training for youth there. We planned and prepared to organize that training for about 2 months. We started that idea to provide the effective ways of generating general knowledge of Self-development for the youth.

We named the training as “Self-developmental Youth Training” held at Epiphany Church, Yangon Catholic Archdiocese, Myanmar on October 18-19, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday). Around 60 youth participated in that training. Some members from the executive committee of Epiphany Church helped and served fully on the training with their own strength during the training. We had about 10 observers from another churches. The Epiphany youth had been brainstorming and had gained the basic concept of critical thinking.

The topics are

  • Public Speaking,
  • Virtue project,
  • Time management,
  • Catholic Social Teachings, &
  • Bible & Youth.

The objectives are

  • To build a good relationship among the youth,
  • To be able to speak systematically in public,
  • To know more about how to read and study the holy bible,
  • To be able to manage our time effectively in daily life, &
  • To understand and do what the Catholic Church teaches us in the social life.

We invited some priests and the laity who have much knowledge about youth and a lot of experiences of dealing with youth. Actually, they come from the professional fields; moreover, they were the very active and supportive youth leaders before. Those people are still continuing and helping the youth in many ways.

The resource persons are from

  • World Vision (Myanmar),
  • National Catholic Youth Commission-Myanmar (NCYC),
  • Myanmar Young Catholic Students-Bangkok (MYCS-BKK),
  • Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Commission-Yangon (AYA),
  • Teacher Training Course of Archdiocese-Yangon (TTC), &
  • International Movement of Catholic Students-Asia Pacific (IMCS-AP).

Thanks Giving & Conclusion

We have successfully done the “Self-developmental Youth Training” in two days under the blessing of God with the help of speakers, volunteers, donors and those who prayed for us. Therefore, we give our special thanks to The Holy One, Our Living God for His Grace and Blessing. And also we very much thank to every single person involving and helping the training, especially the parish priest of Epiphany Church, the speakers who gave the speeches to the youth, the volunteers who helped the training with all their strength, those who donated the training expenses, and those who prayed for us.

In term of solidarity, please kindly continue to help and pray for us, Myanmar Young Catholic Students – Bangkok (MYCS-BKK). We are always trying our best to serve the people as our motto “Give our hands to others!” Do not hesitate to contact us, Myanmar Young Catholic Students – Bangkok (MYCS-BKK), if you need further information and help.

Myanmar Young Catholic Students - Bangkok, Thailand (MYCS-BKK)